Saturday, July 19, 2008

ckparis and yigal azrouel et al

hey readers, what are you doing today? tell me. i wanna hear how you are spending the day.

me? i am wearing my yigal azrouel distressed leather jacket with wolford on a very humid 90 degree evening.

you see, the tropical paradise/banana republic area i currently inhabit has the best a/c in the world. so, the minute you go into a restaurant, office building or store, you freeze. layers are the trick... i have on a deep navy blue michael stars tank under my leather jacket. very functional.

and search for chic, i have on your favorite balenciaga booties. you can almost make them out in the first pix. more pix of my bal moto booties in the near future.
these pix are low pixel cell phone, but i think you can all get the drift.

make it an AMAZING today. ok? just look in the mirror, and say out loud, "it's gonna be an amazing day."
and if you laugh out loud at the idea of talking to yourself in the mirror, even better.
get those endorphins flowing.
dark chocolate anyone?


Anonymous said...

I ADORE that jacket!! It looks fabulous on you! Today is an all-hair day for me: Having extensions (just a few to add some length) in the morning, and maybe some red highlights to my med-brown hair. Eyebrows later on. Waiting for delivery of my new Vuitton Galliera, I hope I like it? Saw one on a lady in the nail salon a few weeks ago, and I became one of those people you photograph occasionally - I was STARING at her purse with total envy and tried to take a surreptitious cell-phone picture so I can send to my friends. I immediately ordered one! I watched the vintage apocalpytic film "The Quiet Earth" last night. The female character states that "our faces are not made of bone, but rather, soft pliable material and our brains have the power to shape them to be beautiful." Interesting, non?

Have a great weekend! Yours truly,
Dreaming-of-Alejandro-Ingelmos-and-Giambattista Vallis, otherwise known as Ihaveadog

Fashion Is Poison said...

i'm spending the day cleaning my closet. it's still a disaster. but 2 of my GFs are coming over and will be helping me. we're going to dip in the pool and have some margaritas :]

have an amazing day c!

Couture Carrie said...

Looooving that leather jacket!

Clem said...

Because of the jetlag and the time I check on my daily blogs it already was the evening when I saw your post. But I'll make tomorrow a great day.. Though today was a really nice day. What did you do on astral plane ?

S (formerly of Modern-Guilt) said...

That dress and jacket look beyond cool on you.

Marina said...

Your words-real truth. This morning I looked at the mirror and noticed that look very good and fresh (forgeting about last night party)))). All day I heard sweet words about my appearance. We need to be more positive!
P.S. I love jacket since saw your photo at the first time.
I expect to see your bal shoes!

chauss said...

ihavedog, i cant wait to see pix of your new bag. how did your hair work out?

fashion, did you fing any oldies but goodies you totally forgot about? i love when that happens.

couturecarrie, thanks. :)

clem, always good to use positive attiude today amd tomorrow... i am going to astral plane tonight. for sure.

s. thanks and stop bu anytime!

marina, bal shoe pix are coming. i took some today... keep up the fabulous persona!

Fashion Is Poison said...

fixed! :D

Anonymous said...

ok admittedly, I check your blog regularly to see your fierce black shoes....

I felt like a creeper so I decided to comment :)

KATLIN said...

I spent with the day with mom shopping and eating! And dark chocolate, yes please! I'm eating some now!!! I think I have a piece (or two, or three) every night.

chauss said...

picasso, thanks for posting! you are welcome to leave comments anytime. i can tell by my stats i have a lot of regular

kaitlin, welcome to my dark chocolate club!

Anonymous said...

hey chauss, spending my day trying to find where on earth i was gonna be able to get the fringed Louboutin boots from fall/winter 09 collection (you, with your Rodarte loubs envy, know what i'm talking about, knowing that your dream shoes are just outta there, & that there must be a way for you to get yojur hands on them!!!)
well it's sunday, so i've been net searching, tomorrow i'll come with the hardest way & call every damn Louboutin shop in France!
& nice hair sweetie, you're a white & gold light on your own!!

Anastacia said...

What is up with air conditioning, I currently work in an office totally freezing and i live in ENGLAND. I don't know whether it's colder outside or in the building. I love my Wolford dress too, definitely a staple piece. I want to see you in your Wang pieces, post some pics!!

chauss said...

fanny, the funny thing is, you cant even rely on what the shops tell you... i have been getting such the run
and i am glad you feel my energy, i KNOW you can. ;)

xax, i will post when i get them. i may get them before you bc mine are in the mail! i saw the zip aroung pants today in black suede. they looked very warm , really. and its over 90 degrees so not in my cards to even try on, and the SA said they ran super tiny... i did try on the black skirt with the nude mesh overlay that was shown with white t and vest on runway....only a maybe...not really, on skirt, but yes to t and vest... p.s. i also got wolford taisha skirt in black as alternative to dress.

Liz Lizo said...

good for you. I would be rocking that yigal azrouel jacket too if i owned it. i totally love your outfit, its not the typical hot weather shorts and tank type of thing. I also know what you mean, I'm not a big fun of blasting ACs, because i end up freezing.