Saturday, July 26, 2008

ckparis, balenciaga and smart car

hey you all, the first pix might look run of the mill if you live in europe.

however, it is a pix of the smart car which was recently released in the US.
you see, the problem in the US has been , "will my huge SUV fit into the garage i am about to pull into?"
new problem is, "how can i afford to fill my gas tank and still have money left over for buying clothes and shoes?"

soooo, welcome the smart car.
no worries about the garage when one can just park it anywhere! (including right under your own window sill) see pix above.

a hermes croc 40 birkin would cost a lot more.

me? bal first 03 with pewter hardware and long shoulder strap...

see you on the astral plane.


william said...

Smart cars are adorable; I cannot wait until I have a chance to ride in one (is that cheesey?).

william said...

Also, on the subject of your photos that were stolen and posted on the Purse Forum, I just saw one of you there carrying your rouge vif weekender and wearing a gorgeous pair of Dior harness boots. Here's a link, just in case this is one you had not noticed was stolen:

Fashion Is Poison said...

i saw a million smart cars this weekend in pasadena and LA combined. is this one yours? looove them!

after h&m i went to a local boutique that carries AW and saw your vest. it's such a great piece c!

Unknown said...

well morning started with negative energy but now things are so fine <3
and you look goood!

chauss said...

william, not cheesey at all! uber-cool imo!

also, thanks for the heads up about the purse blog. is that different then the purse forum? i thnk they are the same, new names? anyway, i originally posted those pix on tpf in another section. i used to post on tpf before i got into tfs. so, it's ok, if tpf reposts my pix in different sections of the blog.
thanks so much for looking out for me!
btw, tpf was not the forum who stole my pix. i wont post the name of that forum here. what bothered me is that i even told them the pix were me and to credit them if they wanted to continue to use them. i nver even got a reply...

fashion, have you located the t shirts yet? i have faith in you. if you can find great loubs on sale, this should be a piece of cake. lol

nk, thanks and glad to hear things are ok.

chauss said...

hey william, i just checked your link, it is the tpf and i posted that pix there a long time ago, so is ok for them to repost it. if you read the thread, the girl who posted it gives me credit for her buying a bal WE and then asks if anyone remembered who i was (like i said, i used to post there...) anyway, on the next page of that thread, she remembers and does credit me.
william, thanks again for looking out for me, my cyber friend. :)

Laurel said...

I want a little black smart car, I think they are so adorable. How can you go wrong with a pocket sized car?

Can we have both, smart car and croc Birkin? ;)

Hope all is well, lovely C!

chauss said...

laurel, of course we can have both, and we can have both tonight! pleae pick me up at 8pm at the NW corner of the astral plane in your new shiny black smart car with your croc birkin. what color will it be?

♥ Marta ♥ said...

I love Smart Car...i really want one, it's perfect for parking in downtown :P

william said...

The purse blog is the main site and the purse forum is the forum for the purse blog. Maybe they should call it the purse blog forum? Now what is tfs?