Tuesday, September 23, 2008

ckparis, rick owens and peter max

hey readers. what are you up to? tell me...

me? i am wearing another rick owens black blistered lamb jacket from f/w 08 stag collection. it is black with an espresso lining. i wanted this particular ro jacket for a year. the 38s were presold last f/w and i did not like the leather from the ro spring 08 collection. and much better fit this season too.
mark, what do you think?
ihaveadog, see the difference from the other pix?

i also have on my new ysl tribute too platform stilettos.
i got a lot of comments on my ability to walk in these shoes. so, let me introduce you all to

CHAUSS RULES On Wearing High, High, High Heels:

1. practice makes perfect.
2. where there is a will, there is a way!
3. pleasure and pain develop one's character.
4. immediate attitude adjustment!
5. it's kinda like roller blading and ice skating, when you find your balance, it's nirvana.
6. you get to exercise your calves and look great at the same time.
7. avoid cobblestones, if you can.
8. carry medical tape in your bag to prevent blisters on those hot spots.

you all know by now that my taste in shoes and boots is not for the average woman, but then the average woman doesn't hang out on the fourth dimension either...

high, high, high heels just work for me. if you feel good about something, your energy will project that feeling.
always strive to raise your resonance.

if something works for you, go for it.
trust your own judgment.
you can develop your intuition by listening to yourself.

i just know the new drop crotch pants that are the current rage are not going to be found in my wardrobe anytime soon.
but if they work for you, put them with your favorite shoes or boots and strut your stuff.

see you on the astral plane.
and remember, choose the outfit that works for YOU on the third
and on the fourth.


Anonymous said...

outrageously hot

Fruchtzwerg said...

I guess you're right: heels are working for some and for some not. For me flats are def my thing. Heels are just an extra which comes and goes from time to time. I stick on flats as you stick on the amazing heels.

Izzy said...

words of wisdom indeed. I am learning so much from you! pardon my asking, but what exactly are the third and fourth dimensions? :)

Vertiginoso said...

You're absolutely Radiant in the last Picture, just like in a "Chauss-issime Heel-symbiosis" !!!

A Bientôt, Antoine

Puchi said...

OMG! Love your platforms!! Really, I actually need them! I'm actually with you, sweetheart, the higher the heel the better I feel! Your rules are exactly what I tell my friends about basic living in heel!
Love your blog,

Cate said...

*gapes* SUCH HIGH HEELS!!! And I need practice on how to walk on 5 cm heels! THANKS for the rules, I'm already memorizing them. wonderful advice. jacket's great.

Anonymous said...

ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! That jacket is TDF and the decision is: YES! You look stunning - and need to keep that jacket; it's worth every cent. (LOL compared to what I thought it was!), and so versatile. LOVE! The shoes are TDF as usual and I need you to shop with me. Let's meet in the fourth dimension soon? No wallet needed.

S (formerly of Modern-Guilt) said...

I agree with everything you've said in this post - from the drop crotch pants to the high heels rules...I particularly love "pain and pleasure develop one's character", tis a long-standing belief of mine as well.
That Rick Owens jacket is absolute perfection on you. As are the heels, of course.
Sending positive vibes your way...

stilettolover91 said...

the shoes are fantastic! and u look sooo gorgeous in them. you should make a video showing how to walk in them and how you walk in them im sure people would enjoy that.

Angela said...

super cute leather jacket. i am sporting a versace motorcycle jacket. now, if the weather will just permit in so. cal.

Rachel said...

those are hot!!!
they look great on you.
Love your blog; I love fashion and stumbled upon your blog and love it.

i love high heals...being 5'3 I like to be taller so hence the 4 to 5 inch heals...everyone at work always says how can you walk in them...I reply I don't own flats so it's just a way of life...shoes make me so happy!

Jillian Hobbs said...

haha TOTALLY LOVE your rules for wearing heels... and let me tell you some girls NEED rules... nothing worse than seeing a woman that doesn't know how to wear/walk in/appreciate her heels!

and i'm sorry but you + leather = total hotness!

Matthew L. Romo said...

c- love the RO and the YSL trib combo... very sulfurous!!

I did stairs the other day...... my body is apparently very angry about it!! the soreness is intense, but hey, it;s my own fault for getting so out of shape.

cass said...

omg im too jelous.
ive been eyeing that jacket for quite a while now too.
it looks great on you. <3

Chantelle said...

your new rick owens jacket = sex. The harem pants that were surrounding me into claustrophobia while I was in europe will never make it to my closet. Barf*

Dana (MODAna) said...

amazing heels. dude.
Love your rules break down, although for me high high heels is a sacrifice I'm seldom willing to make
you're right about "working for you"

Cate said...

Thanks for your comment! By the way, do those shoes have yellow soles? How cool!

yiqin; said...

Ah I need all the practice I can get on heels!!!

glory said...

OMG tha`s a serious platform can`t believe the grete they look...i don`t know which one are my favorite, the la perla black python ankle strap platform stilettos are grate but i die for the ysl booties... i live in high heels since i was 17 so i`m totally agree whit you rules...too bad in the third world we can`t afford such shoes.....maybe in the third dimension is posible jajajaja

Anna Vedeneeva said...

wow!you looks great*very sexy!*

Anastacia said...

You're advice is spot on both those heels look dangerous, and thats coming from a person who wears tributes at work and play. You look incredible. And that jacket makes me so JEALOUS.

Mark said...

Whoops, a little late... that jacket is perfect on you. Definitely a keeper... no?

It fits like a glove and has just the right dark goodness.

- une mandarine

What is Reality Anyway? said...

We both love clothes too much...and that isn't a bad thing!!


Blicious said...

i love your heels!!!! gorgeous pics!

Anonymous said...

you always have real nice shoes :D

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous jacket! You look amazing!! Congrats on finding your dream RO :)