Saturday, August 22, 2009

ckparis, krelwear and a smile

hey all, how is the weekend going for you?

true blood is on tonight, can you stand the wait?
jillian, glad to hear you finally got hooked on it.

moi? a billion watt real chauss smile. when the photographer can capture a REAL smile of mine, it's a good thing.
can you feel the energy?

weird weekend food experiences for me this weekend...
john martin's irish pub was a surreal experience
uhhhh, like they are on the second ...(enough said) and
brickell irish pub that just opened on friday was like a trip to u of m rathskeller
complete with pink floyd's off the wall, school's out for the summer, blasting in the background.
give me a chocolate happy face cappuccino at segafredo anytime. :)

i have on a krelwear couture black and blue shredded hand knit halter top and
a krel-2-go black lurex knit skirt.

ahhh, just another rainy/sunny day down in the 'nana.
i'm off ot run/walk 138 flights of high rise stairs in sauna like stairwells.
anything to switch dimensions...
what are your plans?

see you on the astral plane.


stilettolover91 said...

when will u post pics of urself in some stilettos????

Vertiginoso said...

Wooow AND "Smiling CHauss = Stunning Chauss (of course with a capital letter)" . . . Especially with such bare shoulders' Powerful/SEXY unveiling !!!

à Bientôt, Antoine

Unknown said...

I love this picture! so pure!!

Anonymous said...

So beautiful photo!

Nini's Style said...

Love the tube dress Chauss!!

Cruz said...

AW :) It's always great when you can feel the energy from a photo.

bryna said...

i wish i could run those stairwells ;)

cyd said...

you look lovely and happy

xoxoxo cyd

Liz Lizo said...

Beautiful smile Chauss... How amazing was True Blood, that show makes me wish the days could go by faster so I can catch the next episode.

Clem said...

you look so beautiful when smiling ! Nice to see you when coming back from vacation :)

May Kasahara said...

hi gorgeous.

albert said...

now i KNOW people are going to love this pic. you fourth dimention great.

L in progress said...

u look stunning her, great smile!!!

The Queen of Hearts said...

I think I'm in the nana republic too!