Wednesday, April 30, 2008

camille's cupcakes!

thanks divinitus! ok, drinks on me on the astral plane on friday. ;) my next lesson question is, how do i link an entire post, with words and pix, on someone's blog to mine? (not link the whole blog)(you wouldn't know i have a post grad

matt, did you do stairs? hang in there, i am sending you lots of white light and bal thoughts.

a general shout out and thank you to those of you who have recently linked me. being the procrastinator, i will return the favor eventually.

and for you regular lurkers who tell me off blog (or dont tell me)that you like this place, thanks for stopping by.

off topic, i am getting such a rush right now from my 75 percent dark chocolate ...i think i need to post some shoes now and take the high up a notch.



i already said that, those cupcakes are the best looking ever.
true art.

to be honest i also have a post grad degree and no clue how to post someone else's post ... maybe do a 'prints creen' save it and load as a big image?

chauss said...

ok, divinitus, thanks. you are the best! now i know how to link pix! but i have no idea how to do a "print screen and load as a big image"? hey, i am making progress!
ok, i wonder if camille has done this... camille?

Fashion Is Poison said...

speaking of linking, teach me how to do it plz! i've been trying...well clearly, not hard enough...but yes i've been wanting to link some loved ones like you!

camille said...

all the cupcakes are gone now... :(

i sent you a pm on how to link to a certain post, but i'm not sure if that's what you were asking?

chauss said...

inspire , i left you basics on your blog

camille, yes, thanks, that was my question, i will play with it in a few days. i am going to the town that
" a man named al capone tried to make this town his own"
for a couple of days...