Thursday, April 3, 2008

ckparis interview with matt in fedora

good evening readers! the following is my unedited interview with matt in fedora. thank you matt for being my very first guest star!

Q where did you get the fedora and what is the make?
A I actually bought this at Urban Outfitters; the color combination of dark blue and black was what caught my eye. I'm not sure of the brand.... probably some company in cahoots with UO I presume.

Q how would you describe your fashion style?
A 1/3 cup rock-and-roll, 1/3 cup bohemian,1/3 cup pure luxury
For example: Rick Owens leather jacket paired with a turquoise and silver ring, Balenciaga leather messenger bag, and skinny jeans (April 77s are my favorites)

Q what would you like to see in my blog?
A Chauss, I can never get enough of your funny stories, so I would love to hear more!! The motivational and spiritual advice always puts a smile on my face.

Q what is your favorite snack? (it can be a combination of stuff)
A Gummi Worms (sour kind only), corn nuts, pear vodka with sprite


Matthew L. Romo said...

pleasure to be a guest on ckparis!! Anyways, I saw this RO studded leather jacket with metal studs..... very high attitude factor. my resistance factor?? very low B)

chauss said...

m, pix anywhere? i got my new ro funnel jacket, the smallest size, and a tiny bit loose...should i put it in dryer? ah, the drama................suggestions pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese.

S. said...

Matt haha so cool to see a TFS'er on this!
Love the interview.

Dear Chauss: I'm sorry to hear that your jacket does not fit.. I too have the smallest size.. but does RO make IT36 at all? He should do. And I really need to have mine tailored.. I been putting it off for too long I had it for almost a year now. I'm just thinking for the sides to be taken in but leave the actual seam.

Do not put it in the dryer though..;)

Matthew L. Romo said...

yeah, leyla m. on TFS was talking about how the people who work at RO wash their jackets etc... It seems like an interesting idea, since they are "washed leather" in most cases.

although it does look terrible on the model...

my bank account says no though :(

I can't wait to see pics of your RO!


nice to meet you matt :) oh you stylish people with those hot RO jackets!

chauss said...

search, this jacket is too expensive to start altering leather.. i will return it to italy or ebay it. anyone need a brand new spring 08 black leather rick owens???

matt, the pix is gone :( although i have an idea which one... heavy metal...

divinitus, this ro doesnt call my name like my ro leather circa 20002........ah, the drama...............