Tuesday, April 8, 2008

ckparis and another vintage fedora

just a quick good morning. vintage fedora and vintage rhinestone pin on fedora. how is your day going? more later.


Matthew L. Romo said...

chauss, this is such a positive day....it's out of control ;D

chauss said...

matt, that is amazing! did you try grounding? :) p.s. did you find the PERFECT jacket in your mail box?

Vertiginoso said...

a stylish rhinestone for an authentic mysterious Shadow : subtle paradox !!!
YES, i know . . . No "Crazy Horse Saloon" -maybe "Lido", "Moulin Rouge", "Paradis Latin" . . . ?- BUT what a powerful, wonderful chorus girl presence !!!

Excellente Journée , "Chère Chauss" (and The intonation is very "smooth" in French !!!)

Matthew L. Romo said...

I;ve definitely been grounding.... i'll do anything to help me get through the day!!

now is the jacket more perfect than this one http://www.barneys.com/b/browse/product.s?productId=771510&source=category&index=1&prodIndex=1&listSize=2&query=Neil+Barrett&dsnrIndex=true&categoryId=22

?? possible?? -m

Liz Lizo said...

I see you wear the fedora pretty well.

LittleSclicesOfHeaven said...

You look great in this pic-love it!