Friday, August 28, 2009

ckparis and KRELwear spring 2010 DiscGlo

hey all, i spent the day at krelwear trying on the new spring 2010 DiscGlo line.
unbelievably amaaaaaazing.
krel's clothes glow in the dark. no joke.
disco-perfection. wanna go dancing?

expect to see pix of me in the new spring 2010 line all week on my blog.
karelle invited me over to debut the new krelwear collection before the krelwear entourage flys off to headline at iceland fashion week.
any of you attending iceland fashion week?

moi in a krelwear discglo bikini top under a black light. the top is purple and green in daylight.
the top will make its runway debut at iceland fashion week.

wait until you see pix of the krelwear spring 2010 DiscGlo dresses!
chauss in neon colors.
yeah, neon...

drop me an email if you are interested in stocking the line.

have a FABULOUS weekend.

see you on the astral plane.


InnyVinny said...

next level knitwear - i love it. have a great weekend.

● B I M B A ● said...

how cool is that?!

Anonymous said...

I love blog!!
Laetitia frenchie

Becca. said...

thankyou for your comment on my blog :)
i'm trying something new with the collages (:
glow in the dark bikini interesting!

Julia mode said...

lovely photos =)

Kt D said...

yeah the Acne's between a tiny bit small and true to size. I think "a tiny bit small" because they are veryyy narrow. I almost always wear a 39, sometimes a 38.5, and the 39s fit me perfectly. Such good shoes... the platform is super tall so they are really easy to walk in too :)


albert said...

great pics, they make me feel younger. yea, lets go dancing. told you before, KRELwear is made for you.
counting the minutes know.

urbnomad said...

hit #1 from iceland. digging the blog. loving the iceland fashion week plugs, among other things. check out the site to see who will be showing....(

krelwear is actually kicking it off with a disglo show this thursday at reykjavik's newest den of iniquity....APOTEK.

i may not be from iceland, but i love it like i do.

legs. legs. legs.

Cruz said...

Wow glow in the dark thats cool!

Gisela and Maury said...

how fun! makes you wanna have a pool party at night! can't wait to see what fashions the designers week put on the runwayb during Iceland Fashion Week..I too can't wait for NY fashion week next week too!

Miss. Ore said...

that's an interesting way to take pictures love the blog!