Friday, August 21, 2009

ckparis, polka dots and curves

good morning!
how are you all? tell me what you have planned for the weekend...

when i uploaded this pix, the computer decided to save it in this form without the other half. hmmm...

anyway, moi avec anmerican apparel black and white polka dot bra.

i am sensing an energy shift. expect communications to open.
i am ordering a zillion boots to try irl before i make my fall decisions.
why does the very thought of new shoes and boots make me so giddy?
true. :)

make it a FABULOUS weekend.

see you on the astral plane.
bring dark chocolate and tequila please.

xxoo chauss


stilettolover91 said...

Weird pic lol

Love + Cake said...

That's actually kind of a cool picture....I'm always down for chocolate and tequila..hehehe

xox, mavi


Cute polka dot bra there, Chauss. And you must document the haul of boots you're ordering/trying on!

william said...

Hey, are there any particularly helpful books about the astral plane (or clairvoyance in general) you would recommend? Right now I'm in the middle of a book about chakras..

william said...

OH, I keep forgetting to ask this, too. So far the two books I've read maintain that because experiences on the astral plane are so entirely different from that on the physical plane that when the astral body returns to the physical body the physical mind is usually too undeveloped to remember the experience accurately. Is this true? People reading my comments must be so confused :)

chauss said...

picasso, will do. :)

william, i'm gonna adress the comments here bc i think there are group of people who read my blog who would like me to tall about this area more... they are a little shy to post here (they email me) maybe bc it is a fashion blog, but hey, i am willing to do additional posts on this if the interest is there. so guys, let me know.
the wording " the physical mind is usually too undeveloped to remember" is probably accurate.
however, most people are not trained in how to have an out of body experience, so if it happens, they recall may consider it a "dream" and not another alternative plane of reality.
i have started drafting some material to write my own book bc i am not happy with what is already out there.
i like explaing this stuff to beginners who then go on to develop to stages more advance than myself!
do you meditate? this is a must to experience alternative dimensions.
i did a post here a while back on a short color meditation that you can print out and carry with you.
anyplace and anywhere to follow. when you've got some time, you can use this.
try searching my blog for "color meditation" and see if it comes up.

william said...

I'll definitely have to practice meditating, I've always been one of those restless people who have difficulty with that.

JINX said...

i love your style and enjoy what you bring to blogg'n


chauss said...

jinx, thanks. :)

william, i am the soooo type A and if i can find a quiet inner place, so can you. did you find the color meditation on my blog?
grounding will absolutely help you.
personally, i need quiet.
music distracts me when i meditate.
and darkness helps.
i am so good in teaching beginner meditation. i dont know if it would translate on vlog the same as irl bc i super strong energy.
i vibrate at a high level bc every reiki level attunes you and i am a reiki master.

Julia mode said...

lovely photo


Ashley said...

Trying to withstand a tropical storm..awesome.
Love the silhouette you've created.

Jillian Hobbs said...


btw i think u have me hooked on true blood... oh no! lol <3 amazing show! thx love

p.s. my bag i show in my vlog!

STARR said...

Still love the polka dots!

Fashionology said...

Love your blog!

InnyVinny said...


I was definitely in Mexico...=D Will email you the deets. I'm in dire need of a positive energy shift.

Hope you had a great weekend and don't get too crazy with all the boots!

May Kasahara said...

I love YOUR love of boots.

Anonymous said...

Chauss, I loved reading your responses to William and would love to see more about it on your blog!