Saturday, January 3, 2009

ckparis, paige premium and louboutin cactus booties

hello readers. how is you weekend going?

moi? i am half way between the third and fourth in paige roxbury distressed jeans avec my loub cactus booties.

may your 2009 be filled with love, laughter, health, wealth, peace, coffee and chocolate.
take one day at a time, and do something for someone else unconditionally.
you may just like it.
trust in the universe.

see you on the astral plane.


Fashion Is Poison said...

those cactus booties!!!!

i don't want break to be over c :P

Marina said...

I love your Loubs collection. Only the best!

chauss said...

philippe, thanks. i have had some great teachers from all walks of life and i am an excellent student. i have traditional advanced degrees and a doctorate, but life experience aand classes in non tradtional educational modalities (reiki,et al) have balanced that out.
i have been here several times before, but don't consider myself a really, really old soul like some others i have met.

fashion, i hear you...:)

marina, thanks. :)

yiqin; said...

THOSE SHOES! You wear them so well ;)

judy aldridge said...

Love the loubs chauss!! The YSL boots--errr...uhmmm, not really any better, but they sure make for a great photo op. best judy

Anonymous said...

love this,
your posts are brilliant :)

Dana (MODAna) said...

those are most def. your best booties.

Vertiginoso said...

Chauss, "Urban Cow Girl full of electrifying casualness" !!! Mmmh Mmmh AND That's One of your potential "GLAM definitions" . . .

à Bientôt, Antoine

Justmel and my style said...

You look so pretty !

Vera said...

those are some nice boots you're wearing !!

Jillian Hobbs said...

you look great!
the jeans are quite flattering on you!

Fashion Is Poison said...

hey c :)

ahhh you have the belt!! i love it!

next vacation is NYC in feb :D

What is Reality Anyway? said...

you are looking amazing, your hair looks so sleek! xo

PrincessImp. said...

Those louboutins are awesome! You pull them off so well!

Miss Urbanita said...

So beautiful! Love how jeans fits you. Kisses ;)

Andy said...

I loove these boots !
They're stuning
happy new year btw
check out my new post


Couture Carrie said...

You look divine, Chauss! Love the binoculars on the sill :)


Liz Lizo said...

thanks Chauss.have a grand 2009 as well...those jeans are hott!!

Michael said...

Nice pictures. I like the watch and the belt. I've seen the watch before, but I just started to like it now.

S (formerly of Modern-Guilt) said...

Your outer and inner beauty never fail to astound me.
You are a wonder, dear and lovely Chauss.
Wishing you nothing but wonderful things in 09