Tuesday, February 17, 2009

ckparis, pasion coffee and hermes

hey you all. how was your weekend?
i went to F21 this past saturday. what a trip. the place was packed and the line for the fitting rooms was half way across the room.
no thanks.
oh yeah, the other set of fitting rooms were closed.
anyway, being the resourceful chauss that i am, and coupled with my scorpio nature, i set up shop to try a few shirts on in front of the nearest mirror i found.
i always admired those chic european women who were able to get out of a wet bathing suit and into an outfit right there in the middle of the beach without missing a beat and without any wardrobe malfunctions.
i did ok.
one adorable woman came up to me with her baby in tow, and said, "i would do the same thing as you, look at that line!"
i did have three woman plant themselves down on a nearby bench to gawk at me in shock and awe.
yeah, i am a true scorpio.
i was able to pick out the right sizes and have some fun doing it.
but i gotta say,
rumi does have a point about shopping on line for F21 stuff...

and now for something completely different: chauss in black.
but a bit of a different look for a different setting then my usual starbucks.
this uber cool coffee place opened in coral gables a couple of weeks ago,
pasion del cielo coffee.
really great coffee and i like the energy.
i was completely delighted when the guy behind the counter asked me what country i wanted my coffee from.
ummmmmmmmmmmm. i had a choice of beans from 8 or 9 countries.
i went for a double espresso from peru with soyfoam for my first time.
next time, i got the same drink with brazilian beans.
i think tomorrow i'll try columbian double espresso with soyfoam...
(h of candid cool, stop by for a cafe and and some conversation when you are down this way.)
you know i am having a challenging week when i am planning my adrenaline fix before i even go to sleep.
yeah. i am an east coast chick who lives on west coast time.

see you on the astral plane.


Rumi Neely said...

Hhaha yes, though sometimes I do venture in for the real experience too. Only at hours bound to be unpopulated, of course.

I always love hearing about your caffeination routines, the purchase of an espresso machine has dwindled my own Starbucks adventures. Though honestly I'm a Coffee Bean kinda girl if you must know ;P


InnyVinny said...

As you should. I'm glad to hear about such a nice spot. I'm sure you'll rotate them into your fix schedule. =P

And I can't really go into a brick and mortar F21 anymore. Too crazy.

Pret a Porter P said...

hey thanks for the shout out. :)

i learned the trick to f21 is to go on a monday morning. it really is too chaotic. im wary of online shopping with them since the quality is so hit and miss.

chauss i love love love your hair. you look fierce as always :)

paulistanangelina said...

I only even think about going to F21 before before 5pm and never on weekends. But, I'm lucky I have this F21 accessory store in the mall close to home.

Anonymous said...

Mmm, new coffee places are great. You look fab as always. I never go to F21 but I really should... my friends always find cute things in there.

Clem said...

Hey love the pix ! You're gorgeous my sweet C. What are you gonna do this week ? It's my last week of hollidays :( ``

Had a great week end with my boyfriend for the valentine day.. Even had a nice purse for present

Anonymous said...

Hi chauss,

Silent lurker her:)

Would you some day consider sharing a story on how you became a reiki master?

chauss said...

rumi, alas, no coffee bean and tea leaf in the 'nana republic. :(
and you just know the ice blened would go over well down here.

alicia, lol. :)

h of candid cool. thanks!

paulista, good advice.

fabbrunette, its good to check out differnt stores...

clem, i am waiting to see those purse pix...

spoiled, yes, i would!
it was a major learning experience...
keep asking me questions ...
are you studying reiki?
remind me to tell you how my child guides blow things around when i am working with other reiki masters. lol...

Anonymous said...

Oh, so you mean you would mind telling the story :( Well, that's ok, I can respect your privacy!

No, I am not studying reiki but I'm just really into... hm-m... paranormal things, I guess. My entire family is! My mom goes sees a reiki master about once a month.

chauss said...

spoiled, no! read this,
i said yes, i would share reiki master story on my blog sometime. it is one area of my life i would be happy to share here. studying it made me make some sense of all the strange paranormal stuff that happens to me on a regular basis.
first rule: nothing, nothing is a coincidence.

Weekly Blogette said...

that picture is cool
but i cant see ur face! ahha
please come by the blog sometime
the w.b.

Anonymous said...

Ugh, I'm sorry. I forgot how I initially worded the question. I thought it was "would you mind sharing..." and then your response was "yes, I would!"

Sorry ;)

crystal said...

Hahaha I'm a scorpio too and I must say I would do the same thing!

Marina said...

sweet Chauss!I love you in wide trousers!It's so cool!
About coffee.I'm fan of Nespresso bar in Moscow, there are the best espresso, I prefer Ristretto and Arpeggio. mmm...I want it now!
Also I make coffee at home, we called it "turkish" coffee. I bought Rwanda coffee and it is really very good!

Cindiddy said...

hey .. nice new header!

Couture Carrie said...

You look divine, darling! Love your new banner too!


L in progress said...

this is such an amazing look for you! i am loving the wide pants!

roxanne said...

i've been scolded many a time for trying on clothes outside of the fitting room, glad you had a better time of it!

Beauty Standard Blog said...

bonjour chauss :)


Roisin Ward said...

I'm really digging these wide legged pants on you!! You're so awesome! :)

Beauty Standard Blog said...

done ;)
the new place seems like a lovely place.