Thursday, August 28, 2008

ckparis and the bliss lau interview

there is something magical that happens when you put on a Bliss Lau body chain for the very first time. you feel really mysterious and sexy. you want to kick up your stiletto heels and dance around the room. you want to strike a pose. if you are still unsure about this, see my above pictures.

you know the rush you get when you try on your brand new christian louboutins when the red soles are still perfect?
or the rush you feel from the perfect cup of espresso coupled with a piece of dark chocolate?
or the rush you feel when you find the perfect leather jacket in your size and its on sale!?
yeah, that's the feeling.
bliss lau's body chains make you feel good. instant attitude adjustment.
as a reiki master, i can tell you the body chains vibrate at a really nice level.

i was lucky to have bliss lau suggest to me what color body chain and leather
findings i should choose for my first piece. bliss saw some pictures of me and thought that the antique brass chain would go well with my coloring (olive skin/blonde hair) and black findings because of my style( black, leather, yeah).

anyway, bliss was intially kind of skeptical about participating in the fashion blogger world. she read parts of my blog, some of your comments and got a feel for where i was coming from. ckparis style attitude adjustment and then...

the following interview started out about to tell you about bliss lau and about her body chains. in the process, bliss realized that you all would love her new chaussure chains which haven't hit her web site yet.
yes, that is SHOE CHAINS! and you have to wear them on high heels. what more could a girl want?
enjoy the pictures and interview...

ckparis: bliss, your body chains are so versatile. what inspired you to create such a line?

bliss lau: I studied at Parsons the New School for Design and received a bachelors degree in Fashion Design. The program teaches apparel mostly womenswear. I think that knowing how to make clothes and drape (I love to drape!) has definitely contributed to the development of the jewelry collection.

ckparis: how long have you been in business?

bliss lau: I have had the business for about five years now. I started my business at the ripe age of 22, a few minutes before I graduated from Parsons. Bags were my first love then belts and now jewelry. Each additional product was a gradual progression into the next. The belt collection got me back on the model form draping and the jewelry collection developed my love of holsters and alternative products.

ckparis: do you have any specific ideas about how your body chains can be worn?

bliss lau: The body chains should be worn however you feel comfortable, powerful and sexy. Often times clients will show me a new discovery of how to wear the chains I always photograph them and run with it! I like wearing the chains between two layers of clothing or under a t-back dress, shoulder blades are a beautifully forgotten part of the body. The chains are designed to spotlight the best features of our bodies.

ckparis: are you planning on adding new items to you body chain collection?

bliss lau: We have already designed over 30 new styles! The Fall 2008 collection has just hit stores last month. It can be found in Ron Herman on the west coast, Leo in Miami, B Boutique in New York and a variety of stores across the east coast. We will be updating the website to show the Fall 08 collection very soon....

ckparis: what is something you would like to share about yourself that most people don't know?

bliss lau: Something people may not know about me is that I used to live in Hawaii. I was a tandom surfer back then. My surf partner and I loved to paddle out in a storm. I would stand on his shoulders while surfing small waves, and spin on his back. My favorite position was being held in a backbird over his head, nothing beats looking back towards the face of a wave upside-down and backwards!

ckparis:can you describe the new love triangle dress chain? (see above picture).

bliss lau: This design is fabulous, It's thin chain with thick chain on the sides, connects in the back with a swivel snap, easy to put on and wear under a tank. It's super sexy sticking out the bottom over jeans.

ckparis: do you have any other pictures of new items i can post that are not yet on your website?

bliss lau: ooooh shoe chains, double d ring connection in the back that is adjustable. Note: must be worn with heels. (see above pictures)

ckparis: shoe chains! what chain are you wearing in the picture of you?

bliss lau: It is the twisted skirt with brass plated old nickel and matte black leather detail.

ckparis: are you doing the leather findings in colors ie. purple?

bliss lau: Yes, I can actually make them in purple. I can make them in black, black patent, white, purple, brown, gold or silver leather.

ckparis: i think my readers will go ca-raazy for the shoe chains! when will they be available?

bliss lau: I am seeking to put them up with in the next two weeks. They can fax their information to 646-649-4663.

bliss lau is also offering FREE US shipping and discounted international shipping to ckparis readers until september 15, 2008 . use coupon code "ckparis" when you order from her website.bliss lau web site
all bliss lau pictures in this thread are credited to photographer, alexo wandael.
a special thanks to mark, "une mandarine" for helping me create jpegs of the bliss lau photographs to post on this blog thread.
all pictures of me in this thread are credited to mr.d.

please leave comments about what you think of this interview style for my blog and let me know what styles and colors you pick.
in the future, i can invite bliss lau back to my blog to chat about her leather bags and belts.



Anonymous said...

BL is so sweet! i am so looking forward to the 30 designs! awesome interview, thanks CK.

Mark said...

Wow! You rockin' that chain.

Great interview... and, thanks for the credit. ;)

- une mandarine

Anonymous said...

is it the shoes ysl?ANAZING!:)!

Fruchtzwerg said...

thanks for the interview! And you look great with the jewellery.

Vertiginoso said...

I really like the symbolism of "BODY chain", the exaltation of a virulent (and here sculptural !!!) Preciosity, especially when it is "porté à même la peau nue" (AND the side boob's perspective is like a delightful carnal Vertigo ). . .
ps: Chauss, I want to see you in a cabaret !!!!!!!!

A Bientôt, Antoine

S (formerly of Modern-Guilt) said...

WOW, what a wonderful interview! And Bliss Lau truly couldn't have picked a better blogger to promote her gorgeous line - you look beyond stunning in these! I particularly love the first, brass chain.
Much love and positive energy to you Chauss,

moded'amour said...

love your shoes !

Marina said...

Chauss!This jewellery looks like BDSM accesorise, but I love it on you!You are so mysterious woman in this jewels!I love love it!
P.S. No words, only emotions-pure sex!


Thanks for the link!! Sorry about that, I must do 50 things at once, and it slipped my mind. It's on there now, under "dAILY Reading" as "CK Paris" I love your gorgeous shoe collection! Not to mention your plethora of wonderful sunglasses. :)

yiqin; said...

You wear the hat so well :) & thanks for the interview! I love her body chains!

chauss said...

raquel shoes are the ysl tributes.

thank you all for the great comments. would like bliss lau to come back to my blog for an interview on her bags and shoes?

stilettolover91 said...

great interview and luv those YSL Tributes theyre gorgeous and u look amazing in them!

KATLIN said...

Awesome interview! Bliss Lau is such a promising designer and I can't wait to see how her line evolves. And I always wondered where she was from and it's cool to know that she lived in Hawai'i and tandem surfed! I was offered to tandem surf because I'm small, but I was too busy and couldn't do it.

natalia said...

just a heads up , i actually changed my blog to , i was previously streetstylepdx so just a heads up! thank you for the comments :)

Anonymous said...

Sweet pictures :)

lara said...

I really like the shoes on you :) and the interview is really interesting.

camille said...

fantastic interview, c! it was a great read. love the modeling pics, tres sexy. ;)


omg this is awesome! =)

i'm dying to try one of those chains!

Richel said...

I loved reading this interview! Bliss is so amazing! I love how you wore the chain, too, lovely!

Anonymous said...

great interview!
and the shoes are so great!

Eeli said...

The chains are magnificent and so versatile too! You'll have to post an entry to tell us when they're up on her website. Need to have... :)

So p

Anonymous said...

nice job on the interview. the chains, sexy. that's 'tude and you have it. yes, i'm glad to see mr.d getting his credit.

MEMEME said...

Look at you....this is so HOT !!!

Anonymous said...

ah! those beautiful body chains :D

-ashley (your local starbucks barista) <3